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The first step in the drug development process involves discovery work. This is where drug development companies choose a molecule, such as a gene or protein.

Pre Formulation

Formulation development scientists must evaluate a compound for uniformity, stability and many other factors.

Powder Blending

In the pharmaceutical industry, a wide range of excipients may be blended together to create the final blend used to manufacture the solid dosage form.


During the drug manufacturing process, milling is often required in order to reduce the average particle size in a drug powder.


Granulation can be thought of as the opposite of milling; it is the process by which small particles are bound together to form larger particles, called granules.

Hot melt extrusion

Hot melt extrusion is utilized in pharmaceutical solid oral dose processing to enable delivery of drugs with poor solubility and bioavailability.

For Liquid Medicine, Capsule, Powder


Drug manufacturing is the process of industrial-scale synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs by pharmaceutical companies. The process of drug manufacturing can be broken down into a series of unit operations, such as milling, granulation, coating, tablet pressing, and others.


A media fill is the performance of an aseptic manufacturing procedure using a sterile microbiological growth medium, in place of the drug solution, to test whether the aseptic procedures are adequate to prevent contamination during actual drug production.

Packing & Labelling

The term labeling designates all labels and other written, printed or graphic matter up on or in any package or wrapper in which it is enclosed. Labeling is manual or electromechanical process of attaching 'label' to the correct particular product or packaging or service.


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